Corporate Governance

Sixth Articles of Amendment

First Articles of Amendment

Articles of Amendment (Par Value)

Articles of Amendment (Stock Split)


Audit Committee Charter

Compensation Committee Charter

Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee Charter

Corporate Governance Guidelines

Code of Ethics

Whistleblower Policy

Meetings of Independent Directors

To promote the independence of our board of directors and appropriate oversight of management, our independent directors meet in executive sessions at which only independent directors are present.  During these executive sessions, Willis J. Potts, Jr., independent director and Chairman of the Board, presides.


Anti-Pledging Policy

Securities held in a margin account as collateral for a margin loan may be sold by the broker without the customer’s consent if the customer fails to meet a margin call. Similarly, securities pledged (or hypothecated) as collateral for a loan may be sold in foreclosure if the borrower defaults on the loan. Because a margin sale or foreclosure sale may occur at a time when the pledgor is aware of material nonpublic information or otherwise is not permitted to trade in Company Securities, directors, officers and other employees are prohibited from holding Company Securities in a margin account or otherwise pledging Company Securities as collateral for a loan.


Anti-Hedging Policy

Hedging or monetization transactions can be accomplished through a number of possible mechanisms, including through the use of financial instruments such as prepaid variable forwards, equity swaps, collars and exchange funds. Such hedging transactions may permit a director, officer or employee to continue to own Company Securities obtained through employee benefit plans or otherwise, but without the full risks and rewards of ownership. When that occurs, the director, officer or employee may no longer have the same objectives as the Company’s other stockholders. Therefore, directors, officers and employees are prohibited from engaging in any such transactions.