CatchMark’s objective is to produce long-term cash flow and value growth from carefully managing its existing portfolio, participating in current timber product price recovery, and undertaking land acquisitions:

Deploy Active Management Strategy

  • Balancing biological timber growth, harvest cash flow, and prudent forest management
  • Positioning timber assets to capitalize on housing market recovery

Maximize Profitability on Timber Sales

  • Obtaining the best pricing for our timber products through delivered sales and marketing efforts
  • Ensuring efficiency in logging, hauling, sorting and merchandising operations to provide maximum profitability

Pursue Attractive Timberland Acquisitions

  • Focusing on key U.S. South as well as other prime U.S. timber regions
  • Targeting well-stocked properties in strong mill markets to generate stable and sustainable cash flow

Opportunistic Dispositions

  • Continuously assessing potential higher-and-better-use opportunities across our portfolio
  • Periodically selling parcels of land when favorable valuations can be achieved, targeting sales of 1% to 2% of fee land annually

Practice Responsible Environmental Stewardship

  • Continuing a long-standing commitment to environmental stewardship
  • Maintaining Sustainable Forestry Initiative certification
  • Compliance with state best-management practices