CatchMark Timber Trust commenced operations in 2006 as a nontraded Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) and in December 2013 converted to a company listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol CTT. The company provides institutions and individuals a unique opportunity to invest in a public company focused exclusively on timberland ownership and management with an objective of producing shareholder returns from both recurring income and an acquisitions strategy.

  • We seek to maximize long-term appreciation and stockholder returns through the professional management of high-quality timberlands.
  • Our advanced forest management technology provides for predictable growth rates and harvest yields over an extended period, allowing for optimum long-term harvest planning.
  • We proactively adjust harvest activities in response to market conditions, accelerating harvest volumes to capitalize on strong product pricing or allowing trees to continue to grow and appreciate in value.
  • We actively pursue acquisition of softwood timberlands focused on the high-demand Southeast “fiber basket” as well as other prime U.S. timber regions.
  • We continually assess potential alternative uses for timberland tracts that may prove more valuable for development, conservation, or recreation.
  • We are committed to sound environmental stewardship – our timberlands are audited and certified as a sustainable forest by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative®.


A symbol of quality historically used by loggers, catchmark refers to the “branding” at the end of cut logs to ensure easy ownership identification of high-quality timber. Catchmarks were especially critical when multiple logging companies were cutting timber in the same forest and floating logs downriver for sorting and distribution to different mills.

In the early days of logging, catchmarks were cut into logs by axe or pounded in using branding hammers. Catchmarks are still in use today, but may be in the form of barcodes or other identification symbols.